It’s been really wonderful to see a shift in the cosmetics market, as companies respond to consumers and their desire for more natural, plant-based ingredients in beauty and skincare products. If you’ve been on the hunt for new cosmetic brands with an environmentally-friendly footprint, see below! We’ve rounded up some of our favorites just in time for a spring makeover.

RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty cosmetic ingredients include raw, food grade and organic materials for a truly natural product that hydrates and illuminates skin. Well-renowned in the beauty world, their products enhance and improve your complexion. RMS Beauty aims to change the way women use makeup, creating a product that is not only non-toxic, but actually heals and nourishes skin as well.

100% Pure 

100% Pure stands by their name of providing their customer with 100% pure ingredients. Completely free of any damaging chemicals, artificial fragrances, harmful toxins and skin irritating parabens, 100% Pure aims to improve the look and feel of your skin. They also want to help you fight against premature aging with their naturally occurring antioxidant goodness.

Au Naturale

We always love USA made products, and not only are Au Naturale products vegan, gluten- free, non-toxic and paraben-free, they’re also made in Green Bay, Wisconsin! Au Naturale was created to be as refreshing and non-irritating for your skin as if you were wearing nothing. We also love their #CleanBeautyRevolution campaign, which asks law makers to make cosmetics safe by creating a “Clean Beauty Standard” that will protect consumers against harsh chemicals, beginning with required ingredient transparency (this means clear and accountable labels of all cosmetics products).

Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale cosmetics are committed to enhancing beauty through natural products that nurture your skin. From supplements for healthy and glowing skin, to completing your regimen with makeup, you’ll find everything you need to feed and fortify your beauty routine. Busy moms love that Jane Iredale’s line is multi-functional (for example, their mineral powders act as a foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen all in one)!