It’s time breathe, reboot and get out of the house. If you’ve been in a snowy climate these past few months, you and the kids are more than ready to take on the great outdoors. Nothing too fancy is the way to go; perhaps a nature walk? It’s an easy activity that can involve all sorts of components and props. We’ve come up with a list of ways to make it more than just a casual stroll.

1. Go on a treasure hunt

A friend of mine took her daughters out one day with nothing more than a muffin tin. They were told to collect anything from rocks to flowers to sticks until the whole tin was filled. Genius.

2. Play a game of Bingo

Print out a sheet like this one of various objects, insects and animals, and cross one off each time you have a successful spotting.

3. Learn about textures

Take playdough with you and make imprints on things like bark and leaves to spark a discussion about textures and composition. We got the idea here.

4. Collect colors

List colors with your child ahead of time and then hunt for them, crossing them off one by one. Great idea found here.