There are lots of fun holidays to celebrate nowadays: National Pancake Day, Best Friend Day even Make a Hat Day (it’s real, I looked it up). But the original fun holiday (and one of my personal favorites) is April Fools Day. A day to unleash your inner prankster and have a little fun with your friends and family. If you have little ones it can seem like there’s not a lot of ways to celebrate the day, but it’s never too early to teach your kids the art of a fun prank! Here’s a roundup of fun, kid-friendly pranks from the internet…enjoy!

The classic covering-the-door-with-plastic-wrap gag:

The mom who got back at her prank-loving son by cutting summer vacation a few weeks short:

Maybe the Easter Bunny left some more healthy candy this year:

Marshmallows grow on trees?



Hey! What Happened to My Cereal?


Pop! Goes the ice machine: