It’s finally starting to feel a bit like spring in the northeast, and we know many of you are already embracing the warmer weather and flowers that come with this uplifting season! If you’re headed to the backyard or local park with your little ones, we’ve got some fun ideas for play that’ll have everyone giggling and staying active (hopefully followed by a nice long nap)!

Bean Bag Toss

We love this bean bag toss from Mitchell & Doug! A lightweight game that’s easy to set up outside, this tossing game helps kids recognize numbers, learn how to count and practice hand-eye coordination. And oh yeah, it’s lots of fun! Bean bags have lots of fun uses on their own, too — check out Meaningful Mama and her game ideas when you’re done tossing!

A Mini “Car Wash”

Water adds instant fun to outdoor activities, so try this sudsy activity on the next warm day. Fill a pail with water, add a few drops of baby shampoo for tear-free suds, and throw in some clean sponges. Then let your toddler or preschooler clean up their rides: tricycles, bikes, ride-ons and scooters. After the vehicles get nice and soapy, help your little one turn on the hose, then dry with old rags or towels. Then, head out for a ride!

Bubble Fun

What child (or adult, for that matter) doesn’t love bubbles? And while doing it yourself is fun, bubbles machines really step things up a notch. We love this one from Little Kids — kind of like a Ruumba for toddlers! Fill up the motorized robot with bubbles and watch it go!

Obstacle Course

Photo credit: Pre-K Pages

Create and “American Ninja Warrior” obstacle course for the Pre-K set in your backyard! Pre-K Pages has some excellent ideas for obstacles that are not only fun but help develop your child’s gross motor skills. And we’re fairly certain that anything involving a water balloon will be a big hit.