Finding a way to keep your kids entertained while sitting in the car for long periods can be frustrating. You don’t want them to be on screens for too long, and even with shorter trips, you run the risk of a cranky toddler who doesn’t want to stay still. Luckily, there are a lot of great educational apps for even very young children, designed to keep them entertained as well engage their developing skills. Here’s a quick selection of some of our favorite apps that hit just the right note.


Good For: Ages 2-5

This simple interactive app is great for the pre-k set. Featuring an array of brightly colored animals, the app asks simple questions like “Who is dancing?” or “Who is winking” which helps kids identify social and emotional cues.

Art of Glow

Good For: Ages 1+

Imagine all of the fun you had with your Lite Brite growing up but without all of the divets and loose pieces. This app allows kids to create images with fun vivid colors and more advanced features like animated text, fireworks, and twinkle stars.

ABC Mouse

Good For: Ages 2-8

This is a great app for parents who want to get their pre-k kids into new subjects or give older kids a chance to have fun with classroom curriculum all summer long. The app features fun games that teach kids math, reading, art, music, and science.

PBS Kids Video

Good For: 2+

This app is a straightforward streaming service of PBS kids programming. Featuring hours of archived videos as well as live shows, your kids can take some of their favorite characters on the road with them!

Noggin Pre-School

Good For: 2+

Similar to PBS Kids this app features a collection of Nick Jr. programming that your kids already know and love. With an added interactive component, users can take part in the story or even create their own!

Baby Games For One-Year-Olds

Good For: 1-2

The name pretty much says it all about this app. With lots of simple games that teach your baby ABC’s, shapes, colors, animal sounds and more this app provides lots of educational fun.