There’s obviously a lot of excitement around every mother’s pregnancy and all new babies that are born, but after the first child arrives, what’s appropriate in terms of baby showers and gifts? Do you incorporate existing children into the celebration? We attempted to find some answers for you!

First, baby showers are not uncommon for moms who’ve already had a child. True, they may not be as elaborate as a first baby shower (namely, you won’t need as many baby items the second time around!) but it can be a fun excuse to switch things up while still celebrating a precious new arrival. If you choose to go a less traditional route, invite spouses this time around! Make it more of a party and less about opening gifts. Gather a group of friends and go out to dinner, perhaps a spa day with mama and her closest friends, or wait and celebrate AFTER the baby arrives. Whatever you decide, keeping it a more low-key event, otherwise known as a “sprinkle,” will still be a lot of fun and likely just what an already tired mama will most enjoy.

As far as presents go, since mama-to-be will likely have bigger items already, sprinkle her with essentials she’ll need on a daily basis: diapers, wipes, diaper cream and bath products. WubbaNubs make great gifts, too! Personalized and keepsake gifts are a lovely way to celebrate a new baby as well.

Siblings will likely have “feelings” about their new baby brother or sister’s arrival. Fun ways to ease their insecurities are to include their name(s) on the invitation, give them a special role or project at the sprinkle, and by encouraging guests to greet the older sibling. Having the older child introduce their baby sibling at a “meet and greet” sprinkle after the baby is born is a wonderful way to include them as well.