Sufficed to say, one of the best things about summer are ways you can beat the heat in the form of DESSERTS! From ice cream cones and popsicles to smoothies and shakes, summer dessert goodness is tough to resist. But how can you enjoy something sweet without all the added sugar?! Yes indeed. The next time you hear the neighborhood ice cream truck’s familiar jingle, head indoors and make some of these delicious, low sugar treats instead. Your body will thank you!

Cherry Lime Popsicles with Honey

Photo credit: Sweet Remedy

Sweet Remedy has created a delicious popsicle recipe, which is my kids’ favorite dessert of choice on steaming hot days. We love this flavorful combination!

Cool Whip Pie

Photo credit: Christopher Bell

This yummy treat is not only low sugar but VERY simple to create! Spruce Eats has the easy directions, which includes all of 3 ingredients: Cool Whip, yogurt and a graham cracker crust!

Sunshine Daydream Smoothie

Photo credit: Delish

Delish created a smoothie that tastes good any time of day, but we especially like having it at breakfast. With fresh fruit and yogurt ingredients, it’s a guilt-free treat!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream

Photo credit: The Stay at Home Chef

Here’s a little trick from The Stay at Home Chef – did you know when bananas are frozen, they taste like ice cream? It’s true! Mix in cocoa powder and peanut butter and a little time in the freezer, and you’ve got a easy and healthy decadent delight!