It may not seem like it yet, but there’s going to be a nip in the air before you know it. Fall is right around the corner and it’s time to suit up! As someone who is constantly warm, Fall is my sartorial sweet spot. Not so cold that your packing on the layers, making yourself somehow cold and hot at the same time. But also, when a light jacket and scarf is just enough to update your look and keep the chill at bay. Here’s a few ideas to refresh your wardrobe for the coming season.


Go through your closet and really review the items you kept meaning to wear during the summer but didn’t and decide whether that’s because they didn’t quite work for the season or if you’re actually just not in love with them. Anything you didn’t wear during the summer months, it’s pretty likely you’re not going to wear them next summer. Cleaning out the items you’re unlikely to wear again is great because it frees up space in your closet, space in your head and can be donated to someone also looking to refresh their look.

Mix & Match

Just because it’s not scorching out doesn’t mean you have to put away the summer clothes right away. With the items you’ve saved from your decluttering exercise and start seeing what will work to transition you into fall. Throw a flowy dress over a skinny jean, creating a nice contrast in fabric and structure. Adding a belt to a loosely structured dress or skirt also creates a refreshed and more tailored look. A chambray button up works great as a lightweight jacket over a tank top. A chunky scarf, ankle boots with a shorter dress, warm and stylish!

Layers, Layers, Layers

There’s a classic anecdote about Coco Chanel where she says that before leaving the house you should look in the mirror and take one item off. For me, fall is the opposite. One of the things I love about fall is that it feels like you can never accessorize enough. Tights, skirt, layered top, trench coat? Yup! Add a hat, a scarf, some earrings and bracelets? Absolutely! Fall is a great time to get a bit more experimental with how you accessorize because you’re not buried under a heavy coat or trying to avoid layers in the heat.

Maybe Just One or Two Purchases?

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to refresh your look, a single piece here or there is enough to make an impact. Look through the clothes you have, is there something big missing? Not just a sweater or scarf but something that will tie into the rest of your closet that you can wear repeatedly. Maybe your boots are a little worse or the wear? Maybe a new long cardigan will be a welcome addition. Pick what you need before what you want and keep an eye out for deals as you head into the new season.