Moment of truth, Mamas. Potty training is dreaded by just about every parent out there. Sure, we may be sick of changing diapers, but teaching our children that the potty is where he/she needs to put their pee and poop is anything BUT a picnic! Luckily, we’ve gathered a few tips from seasoned moms that have been through the process and came out “winning” on the other side. Here’s what they have to say:


“Timing really is everything. We had one false start with my toddler, where I rushed the process and it backfired on us almost immediately. Look for these cues whey your child is ready to be potty-trained: they should be able to dress and undress (or at the very least have no problem pulling pants up and down) and be able to sit and listen to one or two books at a time. Also, they will let you know they’re ready! Whether it’s taking a particular interest in the toilet or wondering why everyone else wears underwear except for them, you’ll know when your child is ready to try. Hopefully this will save you the hurdle I went through!

– Ellen (that’s me!), mom of 2

Give a Reward

“Honestly, bribery and rewards were two of the most important things potty training my kids. Stickers, hand stamps, bubbles or a few M&Ms… basically anything I could find easily at the dollar store are all good potty prizes. Once they reach a training milestone, like the first full day in undies or staying dry overnight, kick things up a notch with food prizes like a pizza party for dinner or ice cream for dessert. The best part was taking my kid shopping for underwear with his favorite characters from Disney movies on it- that’s really what made us all official!

– Cassidy, mom of 1


Avoid negative language when there’s an accident (which there will be), and praise, praise, praise when they go successfully! Every time. A hug, a high five, a “you did it, big kid!” will go a long way in your potty training adventure.

– Sarah, mom of 2


“I was all about potty training my son in the warmer summer months. Why? Because then he was free to run around naked or in a t-shirt and “pants-free.” This way, he had no place to put his pee or poop; and since he needs to put it somewhere—in the toilet was the perfect spot! After he does put it in the potty, make sure you both have a look (gross, I know, but the visual is important). Turn flushing into a huge deal by pointing at the swirling water and saying how cool it is whooshing sound. They’ll love it, believe me!”

– Melissa, mom of 3