One of the things that struck me most when family planning is how infrequent high fertility days actually are. Most women have 1-3 days a month where the chance of pregnancy is high. Sure, you hear stories about couples who get pregnant on the first go around but statistically, it’s more common for women to need a few tries to become pregnant. When starting or growing a family this can feel frustrating to a lot of people, but it’s important to remember that it is completely common for pregnancies to take a little bit of work and a little bit of math. Here are a few apps that will help you track your ovulation cycle and take some of the stress off your plate!

Flo – Period Tracker

Flo initially started out as a period tracker to help women track their cycles. As it became more popular they have incorporated ovulation tracker to the calendar feature. Here are just a few more perks of the app:

  • Symptoms Log – Each day you can log your symptoms directly into the app. Whether you are menstruating, pre-menstruation or just want to use it as a daily health tracker you can choose up to 30 activities and symptoms to note daily.
  • Well-Being Graphs – Flo analyzes the data throughout the month and creates a graph for each user following patterns in their physical and mental health.
  • Reminders: Set up an alarm to let you know when you will be ovulating or a daily reminder for medication
  • Fetal Development – Track your baby’s development throughout your pregnancy as well as your own health for an easy way to share updates with your physician.

Kinndara: Fertility Tracker

Kindara has the kind of soothing approach to family planning that makes you feel like you’re in a yoga studio doing a guided meditation. From the calming interface to the focus on community, Kindara is clearly for the parents or couples trying to take the stress out of starting a family.

  • Kindara is about understanding your fertility in a concrete way, like blending the voice of a doula with the questionnaire of a science project.
    • Track your basal body temperature and cervical fluid each day to get readings of your progesterone and estrogen levels
    • Kindara will show you approximately where your egg is on any given day so that you can become more connected to your body’s process
  • They have also developed Wink the first oral fertility thermometer with bluetooth capability to sync directly with the app.
  • As I mentioned before this company is big on community, there’s a strong web and social presence of many of the parents who have conceived with the help of their app, as well as forums for those who are struggling and looking for answers on fertility.

Glow Ovulation, Period Tracker

Glow sets itself apart from the other apps on the market by taking a holistic approach to family planning, from ovulation to egg freezing and a special focus on fertility and reproductive challenges.

  • Glow has a robust lineup of apps for women at every stage of life. Whether tracking fertility and pregnancy or helping with newborn stress for new parents, or relationship and sex advice the company has made its mission about being a place for women to ask questions about their bodies, minds, and the intersection of the two.
  • As mentioned, Glow makes fertility and reproductive hurdles nearly the centerpiece of its fertility app. The fertility app walks users through what to expect when undergoing IVF, explaining common issues like Endometriosis while mapping out calendars to help couples conceive by including their fertility data and challenges.
  • Glow also offers a savings program for users who are having trouble conceiving. Users who sign up for the service will have access to a list of fertility specialists across the country offering discounted rates to Glow users while having a Glow Consultant walk them through the process.