Sufficed to say, when you become a parent, New Years Eve changes a bit. The likelihood of a wild night out is slim, and you just might be asleep before the clocks strikes midnight. We’ve been there, done that! But, just because you have little ones now doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to celebrate that’s fun for both kids AND their parents. We’ve got 5 tips for planning a kid-friendly celebration that doesn’t skimp on fun for the parental set. Happy New Year!

Hold a Mock Countdown

Photo credit: Modern Parents Messy Kids

Nobody wants a toddler up at midnight, so hold a mock countdown- they’ll never know the difference! Watch out for Netflix’s annual Kids’ Countdown, or find another broadcast that’s airing NYE celebrations in other time zones. Or, just start yelling “10, 9, 8…”, they’ll get the idea! For a festive element, DIY a balloon drop from your ceiling. We love this tutorial from Modern Parents Messy Kids!

Party Accessories

Photo credit: Oh Happy Day

Get silly with party accessories found easily from your local dollar or craft store: masks, wigs, glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets, hats, 2019 sunglasses – you name it, have fun with it. If DIY is more your style, we love these instructions for a neon confetti hat from Oh Happy Day!


Photo credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Fondue is a fun and delicious addition to your party menu, and a bit hit for both parents and kids alike. This chocolate caramel recipe from Better Homes and Gardens sounds delicious! Don’t forget how yummy cheese and warm bread are, too. Mmmmm!

New Years Resolutions Printable

Photo credit: Uncommon Designs Online

It wouldn’t be NYE without a few resolutions. I love this free printable version for kids from Uncommon Designs Online! Give them something to ponder while they wait for the ball to drop.

Cheers to the New Year Mocktails

Photo credit: Simple Seasonal

As you celebrate the arrival of 2019, your kids can enjoy this delicious mocktail recipe (it’s sparkling apple cider!) from Simple Seasonal, complete with gummy bears!