Whether you love Valentine’s Day or think it’s overly-commercialized, it’s nice to mark the occasion in some way with your special someone. After all, any excuse to eat chocolate is a good one, right? But as parents, we’re all incredibly busy– it’s hard to plan time to do the laundry, much less a Valentine’s Day date. With that said, here are a few last minute ideas to celebrate the day of love with your love. It can be done!

Dinner & a Movie

Well, this is an easy one. Pick up a bottle of wine, order out your favorite meal (no cooking allowed on Valentine’s!) and watch your favorite romantic movie after the kids are in bed. Done and done!

Go to Class

If you enjoy working out together, what about an exercise or restorative yoga class? Perhaps cooking or pastry-making instruction? A tango dance lesson? Whatever it is, the point is you’re making time to do something fun, and possibly learn something new, together.

Spa-me, Baby

This is really a no brainer, right? How amazing does a couples massage sound? There’s nothing like the quiet, relaxing vibe of a spa to put the focus back on each other. And if it’s followed by champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries… all the better!

Change Your Shoes

You heard me. We’re talking bowling, ice skating or roller skating… whatever it takes to step slightly outside your comfort zone. Whichever activity you choose, laughter is guaranteed (it really is the best medicine for a healthy relationship)!

Live Action

Unless you’re just out and about all the time (which let’s face it, most busy parents are not), experiencing live entertainment is such a treat- whether that’s music at a local jazz club, a comedy show, a hockey game, the theater (even karaoke!). Whatever it is, there is something thrilling about attending a show or sporting event that forces you to truly live in the moment. What better person to share that with than with your special someone?

Have fun!