The path to pregnancy can be an overwhelming, amazing and stressful experience all rolled into one. Here are 5 overall ways to get your body and mind in optimal shape for bringing a child into the world. Good luck on your journey to motherhood!

Pre-natal Vitamins

Assuming that you have already gone off the Pill or other forms of birth control, you can now replace with pre-natal vitamins that are specifically formulated to give your body what it needs during pregnancy. Starting them before you get pregnant will help avoid any nutritional deficiencies during early pregnancy. Consult your doctor, as he/she may want to prescribe pre-natals that contain a higher dose of Folic Acid.

Healthy Eating

This is a bit of a no-brainer, but should still be pointed out! Eating a healthy, balanced diet is another way to get those important vitamins and minerals. Try your best to limit caffeine, avoid processed foods, and if your budget allows, incorporate organic fruits and vegetables into your diet which will limit your exposure to toxins. Obviously smoking, using drugs and drinking alcohol are harmful to not just you but your unborn baby, so quitting all of that “cold turkey” is of utmost importance.

Stress Relief

Trying to get pregnant can be a stressful time if it doesn’t happen right away (and even if it does!) – do your best to limit stress in your life by getting enough sleep and practicing yoga and/or meditation when you have a few free moments during the day.

Family Medical History

Your baby’s health will be influenced by genetic factors that have roots in your family tree. Before you get pregnant, you may want to ask your parents or other relatives if there are any genetic conditions that run in your bloodline. The same goes for your partner. If you uncover something, you may want to make an appointment with a genetic counselor to discuss your concerns and get further testing.


It’s important to understand what’s covered in your health insurance plan before you get pregnant. Unfortunately, coverage can vary widely, depending on the type of health insurance policy you have and where you live. Be aware of your plan’s network of providers when selecting a doctor, and find how many services are covered.