Everything old is new again, so the saying goes. We all have a few photos that give us that embarrassed TV feeling, I wore that?! The less said about my summer of sweatpants and crop tops the better, until the latest round of supermodels started rocking athleisure wear. So let’s take a quick look at some of the trends we never thought would come back, and yet are somehow finding their way into fashion magazines looking new and chic.

The Fanny Pack

I cannot believe someone found a way to make this work. This cringeworthy staple from the 1980s, usually made of the same material as your MC Hammer parachute pants with a plastic buckle. Not to brag, but I owned a fanny pack that could transform into a backpack. These days the former fanny pack is now smaller, sleeker and rebranded as a “belted satchel”. Smart move, fashion pros.


I’m going to go ahead and lay this one squarely at the feet of Carrie Bradshaw. The character who could make anything seem fashionable found a way to turn denim cutoff shortalls into a Look. Instead of the baggy style of yore, the latest overalls are tapered, tailored, and a variety of fabrics. Do I have a pair of maroon velvet overalls? Maybe. Are they perhaps my favorite clothing staple? I plead the fifth on that one. But, also, yes.

Loooong Nails

I’m not referring to the opal, light pink vibe. I’m thinking Melanie Griffith pre-makeover in “Working Girl”. The long nails I would see my mother with and wonder how she managed to type as quickly as she did, if at all. Well, they’re back! Not only that, press-ons are having another moment in the sun! Fun, long nails with funky designs and patterns didn’t seem long for fashion but with pop stars and influencers still rocking the trend they seem like they’re hanging around for a bit.

Bold Dark Eyebrows

Some of the best beauty advice my mother ever gave me was Do Not Touch Your Eyebrows. Having lived through the trend of razor-thin eyebrows and plucked hers down to nothing, she knew of what she spoke. When Brooke Shields hit the scene, my mother and her former eyebrows felt betrayed. So when in the 1990s and 2000s everyone had the cool mod look, penciling in a small line above their eyes, my mom threw the tweezers out of the house and said we’d thank her later. I don’t know if that’s entirely how it happened but I was happy to have my fairly unruly brows in the last few years when they came back en vogue.

There’s no way of telling what parts of fashion are going to be cyclical and what will live in brief infamy. So before you throw out your favorite flared jeans, boatneck tee or anything else that may not be quite in style this month, ask if it makes you feel strong and confident. Because if it does then rocking it is fashionable, even if it’s not back on the runway just yet.