Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! As you watch your little one grow, it may seem that they’re changing and growing almost every day – and you would be right! Through a blur of sleepless nights and seemingly endless feedings, your baby will reach many developmental milestones in his/her first six months of life. Here are some to look out for:

1 month

At one month of age, your baby will likely begin to notice faces, sees bold patterns (especially in black and white) and recognize the sound of your voice. He/she will start to “coo” and make sounds beyond a simple cry (eek!). They will learn how to bring their hands within range of his eyes and mouth and move head side to side when lying on his stomach.

2 months

At two months, you may catch baby smiling at people! They will be able to briefly calm themselves (possibly bringing hand to mouth to self-soothe). They will begin to follow things with eyes and recognizes people at a distance, as well as get fussy and acts bored if the activity doesn’t change. And yet another exciting milestone: begin to hold their head up! Pushing up when lying on tummy is something else to watch out for, as well as smoother movements with her arms and legs.

3 months

At three months, baby can distinguish your face from others. There will be different cries for different needs (hunger, diaper change, pain, etc.) Turning head away to express boredom, opening and shutting his hands as well as swiping dangling objects. Also be on the lookout for: following moving objects with eyes, turning his head in the direction of sounds and the best part: enjoying playing with other people!

4 months

And more fun! At four months, your baby will start to giggle and laugh, copy facial expressions and reach for toys with one hand. She/he should be able to hold her head steady and unsupported while pushing up on elbows when lying on their tummy.

5 months

At five months, here comes the movement! Rolling over from tummy to back will become a thing, as will exploring for toys by putting them in their mouth (keep a look out!), in addition to baby babbles (the best ever). They will love to look at themselves in the mirror and begin to be able to entertaining themselves for short periods of time.

6 months

At six months, creeping along the floor will begin, as well as passing things from one hand to another. Sitting should begin unaided as well as starting to understand simple words. When you call their name, they’ll recognize it!


Now, please keep in mind that all babies are unique and grow and progress at different stages. If your baby is not strictly adhering to this list, do not worry, but if you ever feel like something is developmentally not happening that should, keep an open dialogue with your pediatrician. That’s what they’re there for.