Before cabin fever sets in on a rainy day, be armed with some fun arts-n-crafts ideas! It can be so easy to slip into a marathon of Paw Patrol (and while there’s no judging here, mamas), if you want to vary up the routine because the theme song is making you loopy, we’ve got some easy to execute, creative arts-n-crafts projects for you and your littles. Great for those fine motor skills, too!

Tape Art

Photo credit: Robin Egg View

We love this idea for a painting project with a modern twist from Robin Egg View! Let your toddler go to town with a paintbrush, though you will want to first put Gesso on the canvas for use as  primer so the paint does not get underneath the tape. Otherwise, tape, paint and a paintbrush is all you need!

Physical Activity Cube

Photo credit: Little Family Fun

What an easy activity from Little Family Fun that will keep your toddler busy and getting some of those indoor wiggles OUT! Tape a box up and put instructions like “Jump 5 times” and “dance” on each side. Then, after the ball is tossed and wherever it lands, complete the instructions on top! Giggles guaranteed.

Painting on Wet Glue

Photo credit: Housing a Forest

Turn regular painting on its head by painting on glue! Granted, this craft may get messy, but the end result will be worth it – just look at those pretty swirls! Check out all the details on the blog, Housing a Forest.

Make Straw Rockets

Photo credit: Simple Play Ideas

With a few supplies you likely already have around the house, you can make straw rockets to keep the littles busy. What a fun idea from Simple Play Ideas! After decorating scrap pieces of paper, tape it closed and secured around one end of the straw. From the other end: blow! Turn it into a contest to see how far they can get their “rocket” to go.