“To do what nobody else will do,
a way that nobody else can do,
in spite of all we go through;
that is to be a nurse.”
– Rawsi Williams

If you’ve ever been in a hospital or doctors office, you’ve seen the work that nurses do. Usually, they’re the first person you see, getting your information, taking your vitals while also getting to know you. One of the most special things about nurses is how they marry technical with interpersonal skills that are invaluable for putting patients at ease.

At WubbaNub we know first-hand how important nurses are, especially in times of crises, when comfort is a welcome prescription in a scary situation. Over the years we’ve heard from NICU nurses and families whose newborns needed extended care following birth about how our WubbaNub pacifiers have been a staple for babies. And, truly, we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of these stories. A few from our testimonials page:

From the surgeons that operate on these precious-heart babies who benefit from these Wubbanub pacifiers, to the nurses (like our own Amy Decker, who passed away suddenly, but she loved the Wubs and the babies…. she would buy them or ask for Wubs for her birthday to give to the babies), to the families of the babies that are in the ICU, to little old me, a volunteer at the hospital with Amazing Little Hearts support group….. we thank Wubbanubs for your continued support and generosity!

Loan McDuffie, NICU Volunteer

We are proud and thankful owners of your pacifiers. My son just spent over a month at the University of North Carolina’s Children’s Hospital following heart surgery…He is only 2.5 months old. All of the nurses commented on how helpful the pacifiers would be for them, due to the fact that most parents do not stay with their children while there and how nice it would be to stop the pacifier from falling out.

David Helvey

As a NICU nurse, I love this product for our babies! A lot of babies in our unit have a hard time keeping the pacifier in their mouth and these are amazing to help little ones, especially the ones who are just learning how to eat.

Brittany, NICU Nurse

We looked through the internet to find some of the most awesome stories about how nurses go above and beyond and were not disappointed! Check out some of our favorites, which may also inspire you about how to show your support to these tireless health care professionals during Nurses Appreciation Week (or, any day of the year!)

  • The nurse who got her patient to do his exercises by giving him a nerf gun and gently teasing him into a game of chase! (Full story at nurse.org)
  • The teams who make Halloween fun for their pediatric patients! – (Full story at nurselabs.com)
  • Late Night Jimmy Kimmel thanks the nurse who noticed his newborns unusual color and saved his life – (Full video here)
  • The team of Nurses who brought a Diwali Celebration to a young Indian boy in the Oncology unit! (Full story at nurse.org)