Hey Dads & Partners! Before you come home with a big bouquet of flowers, a few chocolates and perhaps a piece of jewelry on Mother’s Day, ask the mother of your children what she’d REALLY like for her special day. You may be surprised. We polled a few of our favorite mom bloggers and here’s what they had to say (please note the recurring theme):

I just want to sleep in. Just once.

– Candace from Mom Most Traveled

My Husband asked what I wanted this year for Mother’s Day so I told him I want to spend the night away at a hotel. He said that it would be good for us to get away for the night. I said no, JUST ME. Ha ha! No husband and no kids… now that’s relaxation.

– Gloria from Living La Vita Mama

A day where I don’t have to plan three meals (or clean up after said three meals).

– Kristin from My Strange Family

Uninterrupted bathroom time. Can I please pee in peace?

– Nancy from The Mama Maven

The best present for me would be a day off-duty where someone else cooks, cleans and braids hair…

– Lyla from Globetrotting Mommy

A day where the only logistics that I’m in charge of are my own – like how to get to the spa.

– Miriam from The Very Best Baby Stuff

In short, sometimes mama just needs to recharge her batteries, and there’s no better time to do it than on Mother’s Day. We hope yours is as relaxing as you want it to be!