While Dad may say he doesn’t want anything for Father’s Day, there’s nothing like a little DIY project to show Daddy how much you love him. We’ve rounded up a few ideas that spark creativity and are entertaining to put together while guaranteed to put a smile on Daddy’s face.

“My Dad Rocks” frame

Photo credit: Mommy Moment

We love the creativity behind Mommy Moment’s cool craft project turned gift idea for dad (not to mention the affordability, since all materials can be picked up at your local dollar store)! This frame rocks just like the daddy in your life- he’ll love it! See her website for all the easy instructions.

LEGO Pen Holder

Photo credit: Lalymom

For the LEGO-loving kiddo, this is a particularly fun DIY gift to create for Dad! Check Lalymom for the easy instructions. You can either buy a simple set like this one, or if you’ve already got tons of LEGOs around (like we do), you’ll likely have the supplies you need already. Including a photo makes it extra special!

Shadow Sign

Photo credit: Pick Ease

We all know how much our kids love to see their shadows when they’re walking down the street… so how clever is this idea from Pick Ease? With assistance, your child can cut out a message from construction paper, then see how that message comes to life when you take it outside. We love the idea of printing this photo on a Father’s Day card, turning it into a magnet or putting it into a framing. You and your shadow are a pretty clever bunch.

“Daddyland” Game/Scavenger Hunt

Photo credit: Celebrate Every Day With Me

For the dad who loves board games, create a live version of one in your backyard (or indoors if it’s rainy out)! We love this idea from Celebrate Every Day With Me. Using the theme of “Candy Land,” Daddy will make his way through the game, but instead of gum drops and candy canes, he’ll find his favorite treats along the way. So inventive!