It’s that time again! We’re a few weeks into summer and it’s heating up. Independence Day is just a few days away and if you’re thinking of fun, patriotic, outfits for the whole family we have some ideas to help you out! We’ve got ideas for you to DIY, brick & mortar shops you can check out and online purchases that will get to you just in the nick of time.

Make Your Own!

Despite having laughable artistic ability, I love making t-shirts at home. It’s an easy and fun way to show off your creativity, whether you are a skilled visual artist or have nice enough handwriting to make a quick slogan. Below is a list of things you need to help you and your family make some great July 4th t-shirts!

  • Fabric Paint – Walmart is a great place for basic crafting needs. Items are affordable and it’s usually not a long distance to find a Walmart nearby.
  • Full T-Shirt Making – If you’re lucky enough to be good at crafting AND have a Michael’s near you, let it not go to waste! I love getting lost in this store, pretending I’ll someday be an expert candle maker or dreaming of my hidden needlepoint talent. Their Projects section takes you step-by-step on everything you need to make a cool, if somewhat involved, t-shirt from scratch.
  • Sharpies and Scissors – Grab some plain white t-shirts, cut off the sleeves, tie in the back and voila! You’ve suddenly got a new, on-trend, canvass for your holiday ensemble.
    • Check out this very helpful link full of easy ways to fashionably shred your tee’s.

Great Places to Shop!

Last week I bought apair of matching swimsuits for my friend’s daughters and was really excited by all of the options I found. Here are a few options for affordable ensembles for kids from newborns to grammar school.

  • Target – This is where I bought the aforementioned swimsuits. And so excited by my purchase I spent the entirety of the birthday party waiting for the time for presents to be opened. The joy for the kids was in the opening of the gifts, as it usually is with the pre-k set, for me, it’s in the eventual Instagram posts.
  • Old Navy – A few summers back, when my weather app betrayed me by burying the “feels like” temp below the page fold I ran into the central air haven of an Old Navy to switch out my “I thought it was supposed to be low 70’s” t-shirt and jeans for anything that helped me through the “feels like low 80’s” heat. I grabbed a lightweight dress, paid and then walked out of the store wearing it. This is not an ad, I’m just a fan who still wears that green number whenever I know the humidity is out to get me. Here are a few options available now for celebrating Independence day in breezy style.
    • Their featured deals section is chock full of red white and blue for the entire family and on clearance!
    • Maternity swimsuit flattering for mom-to-be or mom-to-be-again, in a subtle blue star pattern.
    • Flip flops for when you want to get baby in the spirit but don’t want to break the bank on something they’ll grow out of in a week or two.

Last Minute Deals Online

So you’re planning your long weekend with the family and friends and all of a sudden someone hits you with not just a BBQ but a themed party. Going out shopping or making your own t-shirts might be out of the question. Try searching online to put a hold on some great finds at a local shop where you can just pick up in a dash, or try one of these options that can get to you by July 3rd (Or, just tell your friends to deal with it).

However you celebrate this year, it’s great to be surrounded by family and friends. Remember, if you’re bringing your Lovey or Pacifier along to celebrate tag us on social media and we might just feature you on one of our feeds!

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