As of June 26th, summer is officially here, and we couldn’t be more excited. Here’s to warm weather (not the sticky, humid kind), lots of sunny Vitamin D, picnics at the park and new adventures with your family. And if your summer plans include lots of hanging by the pool, you’ll love this roundup of new floats and accessories we’ve discovered. Have fun this summer, and as always, remember to be extra safe with little ones in the water.

Unicorn Float


We recently discovered Sunny Life, and well, it may be the happiest website we’ve ever seen. You simply can’t be in a bad mood as you peruse their selection of summer accessories, including this adorable (and very on-trend) unicorn float. Tell me this gal won’t make your kiddo smile from ear to ear!

Swimways Gobble Gobble Guppies

This toy is great for introducing little ones to the water for the first time. Preschoolers can catch and learn their colors with the educational SwimWays Gobble Gobble Guppies. Children squeeze the trigger to open his mouth, then try to gobble up all the little guppies as they float on the water’s surface. Each colorful guppy is numbered 1-5, so kiddos can work on their numbers, too!

Sharky Float Vest

We can’t stay away from Sunny Life. Their Sharky float vest is perfect to keep your little one safe at the pool, and if they’re sort of annoyed by the fact that they have to wear a vest, the fact that it has a super cool fin on the back should help! This vest is suitable for little sharks ages 1-2 with a max weight of 33 lbs.

Flamingo Swimming Ring with Canopy

Protect your baby from the sun while they’re looking adorable in this flamingo pool float! An inflatable ring is another fun way to introduce your baby to the water, and the canopy comes off if you want to switch things up. Recommended max weight is 60 lbs and we love that they’ve taken safety into consideration– dual air chambers and a separate valve protect float from air leakage, and the the “+” style seat is double security for keeping baby in float and comfortable.

Daph Daph Swimming Goggles

Daph Daph swimming goggles make it very easy to put goggles on your child, which is a major lifesaver (anyone who’s tried to put goggles on a struggling toddler knows what I’m talking about). The Neoprene material makes them super easy to put on, and with lots of fun colors and designs, your child will surely find one they love and will be excited to wear. Parents love the environmentally friendly aspect, as goggles are made out of recyclable materials and are 100% safe.