Heading out for the day with your little one? You likely have a LOT of feelings happening right now, from excitement to nervousness and everywhere in between (all of which are perfectly OK). There is something a little bit scary about going out in the world with your child, away from the safe, nurturing feeling of home. But don’t worry! We’re sharing a check list of handy essentials below that you may need to make your big adventure with baby a success. First and foremost, have fun, mama!

The Essential List for A Day Long Adventure with Baby:

  • A diaper bag or back pack (the better to haul your stuff, my dear). We love this backpack from Fawn Design, which can be worn messenger style or on your back.
  • A sense of humor. This is a necessity, especially when there’s spit up on your shoulder.
  • Your baby’s WubbaNub. Now you knew we had to add this one, right? Hee hee. But seriously, WubbaNub was created precisely to soothe babies 0-6 months and/or babies without teeth. And if you’re stuck in traffic and baby’s crying in the back seat, or worse, at a crowded restaurant, you’re going to be so happy when you find baby’s WubbaNub in your diaper bag.
  • Changing table necessities: extra diapers, wipes, changing pad and diaper cream, just in case a rash breaks out.
  • An extra outfit. This may seem like a lot, but your child only has to have one blow out for you to never forget extra clothes again (speaking from experience here, unfortunately).
  • If you’re nursing, you’re good to go (though you may want a nursing cover) and if you’re breastfeeding, you’ll need formula & a bottle.
  • A toy of some sort, whether it’s a rattle or something small to keep their hands busy and eyes occupied.
  • If they are the age of pureed foods, we love how easy it is to throw a Once Upon a Farm into your bag for snack time!

There will be extra things you may think of, perhaps your child’s favorite blankie or a board book they can’t get enough of, but for one day out, the list above is really all you need. Oh, and the baby. Definitely don’t forget the baby.