For decades, it was popular to design a nursery inspired by the baby’s gender (pink for girls or blue for boys) or pastel colors like yellow or green when the gender was unknown. In more recent years, many home design companies have redirected that notion to be more harmonious with the rest of the house’s design esthetics.

Trends in modern, clean, minimalistic nursery looks have been surprisingly led by the color grey. The color grey can give off various vibes in a nursery depending on where it falls on the color spectrum.  

The closer it gets to black, the more dramatic it becomes. Doing a single wall in a dark grey can give a focal point to a nursery and be decorated with black and white photos of animals or shapes or even monogrammed initials. A grey that leans more towards a silver or white is illuminating and can feel more energetic.

Grey can provide a sense of calm and relief from an overstimulated environment. It is a solid, stable and versatile color that can be paired with any other colors especially bright hues.



According to a House Beautiful post from 10.19.18, almost half of Benjamin Moore’s best selling paint colors are a shade of gray. In addition to the name being adorable, the color “Grey Owl” is a nice one for a baby’s room and can last a long time as the child grows older.



West Elm, for example, has a beautiful birch tree stick & peel wallpaper that, when placed on one wall, would make the room feel like a soothing, natural wonder.


There are so many ideas of things you can hang on the walls for a pop of grey such as the baby’s name or meaningful words, a collection of mirrors or something like this printable art from lanakat on Etsy.


Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t show off the WubbaNub plush pacifiers and Loveys that come in a warm, snuggly grey.  

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