Traveling with a baby can be pretty frustrating. Packing up all of your gear in the car, or checking it and paying the fee on the airplane is an extra step that most of us would love to avoid. But do you really want to be without the things you need while you’re already away from the comforts of home? Well, luckily some thoughtful and entrepreneurial parents have come up with just the thing! Rentable baby gear! There are lots of companies that provide this service in a variety of ways. So let’s take a look at just a few of them and see what works the best for your family!

Traveling With a Baby

This can be a BIG one for parents. You’ve saved up and decided to go on vacation with your little one but do you really want to lug all of your gear with you on the plane or train? Luckily there are a lot of local options both in the states and internationally to help you out.

  • BabyQuip – When traveling within North America, BabyQuip is a great resource. Launching in 2016 the company has already placed over 15,000 orders in 300 locations in the United States and Canada.
    • BabyQuip has one of the most thorough processes I’ve seen. From the reservation system to customer service they’re with you pretty much all the way and will even assist in set up if you’re unfamiliar with the product.
    • Other Pluses: All items are insured and all sellers have been vetted by the BabyQuip team.
  • Airtots – If you’re traveling to London, check out Airtots before you arrive. Offering a selection of travel kits including everything from high chairs, play sets, car seats and even potty training kits.
    • Airtots allows you to select rentals for 1-4 weeks and will have kits waiting for you in conveniently located Central London.
  • MamaRent – Want to spend some time in Italy? First, please take me with you! Second, make sure you look into MamaRent to get supplies and gear before you even get off the plane.
    • While the price point is a bit higher than some of the other rentals we checked out, their customer service and direct contact with parents will put you at ease while you’re managing the stress of travel.
  • These are just a few of the options available for international travel, for a full list check out these resources:

Day-to-Day Rentals

While renting baby gear when you’re traveling makes a lot of sense, are their benefits of day-to-day rentals? Sure! For special occasions, or if you’re trying to test out a big item before making a purchase – a trial run of a few days can be the perfect option.

  • GoBaby – This is a peer-to-peer sharing site facilitated by the people at GoBaby. Items can be rented in 35+ US cities for a day or a few days as you need. Rates are posted by lenders, so there is room for negotiation that you wouldn’t find on more traditional sites.
  • Guardian Angel – This is a pretty cool one stop shop for parents visiting Park City Utah. It includes rental baby gear, childcare services, grocery delivery and cleaning services. The pricing is reasonable and it makes life just that much easier for parents who have kids that are too young to hit the slope.