Crunch, crunch the leaves go. It’s fall and it couldn’t be a better time to celebrate. Autumnal babies get the fun of having their birthday during the school year (something I have previously taken issue with) while still getting the last few days of weather nice enough to celebrate outside. There are some great ways to celebrate this magical time of year and if my love of a theme party wasn’t clear from previous posts it’s going to be abundant with these ideas.

Arts & Crafts

One of the things I love for parties is having an activity. It helps keep the kids focused on a project, but is also a good way for adults who may not know each other to keep busy in moments where conversation lags. Try these on at your next party:

  • Table Top Decorations – This one is so simple and fun. Grab some leaves and pinecones from outside, whatever kind of nature is around you. Get some spray paint, puff paint, glue, and glitter and have fun! Send everyone home with their creations and keep a few for yourself for a Thanksgiving centerpiece!
  • Mini pumpkin patch – Who says pumpkin season ends at Halloween? Not this guy! Get a bunch of mini pumpkins and place them in your backyard. Then, like an Easter egg hunt have the kids go out an find them. Double fun is to have the kids paint their names on some baskets before collecting their pumpkins.

Dress to ImpressDress to Impress

Just like pumpkins, Halloween doesn’t determine when we stop dressing up in theme! Sure there aren’t a lot of traditional autumn costumes so maybe switch it up a bit!

  • Fantastic Mr. Fox party? Why not! It’s got all of the Wes Anderson quirk and fun, it’s got a gorgeous autumnal palette. And Sure, it will go above the kids’ heads a bit but that doesn’t mean they won’t get a kick out of it.
  • For the grown-ups? Make it When Harry Met Sally themed! Sure it takes place over the course of a year but Meg Ryan’s fall looks cannot be beat. Honestly, what a hoot to see your friends dressed up in their 80’s looks.

A Few More Ideas

Again, I love a theme. You can make your own fall carnival right in your backyard, a perfect way to celebrate a fall birthday or just the fun of autumn! Remember these traditional games?

  • Bobbing for apples!
  • Face painting!
  • Ring toss!
  • Pin the leaf on the tree!
  • Hot Chocolate Bar!
  • Pumpkin Bowling!

Oh man, I’m already getting a lot of ideas for my next theme party. It’s gonna be Fallsome!