February is a big month for us, Heart Month, and not only because we get to celebrate Valentine’s Day but because we get to bring awareness to a cause very near and dear to our WubbaNub family: CHD Awareness Week.  If you don’t know, CHD stands for Congenital Heart Defects and it affects approximately 40,000 newborns every year. WubbaNub has long been a presence in NICU’s around the world to help bring comfort to the babies and families struggling with complicated births. Last year our founder, Carla Schneider, wanted to show some special love to all the tiny heart warriors out there battling CHD.

The response was overwhelming. Upon the release of our CHD Bear pacifier in 2019 we sold out almost immediately and had a waitlist of nearly 2,000 people. It meant so much to us that people responded so strongly to something we’re greatly passionate about. So we got to work right away on how to honor the babies that show us so much strength. We realized, first, a rename – the strength and determination of the babies and their entire families were an inspiration. So we’ve changed the name from the CHD Awareness Bear to our Heart Warrior Bear. Because that’s what we see when we see a baby fighting CHD, a tiny heart warrior.

And to help with the fight we’re welcoming another member to the family! The Heart Warrior Lovey, released on February 7th at the beginning of CHD Awareness Week, shares the same strength as the Bear Pacifier while offering additional comfort and camaraderie to our tiny warriors. Just like our Warrior Bear, our Lovey proudly wears his scar in support for everyone (big and small) facing the challenges of CHD.

Each February we get the opportunity to spread awareness about Congenital Heart Disease, and to support a cause we care deeply about while also bringing comfort to families who need it the most. Please join us in celebrating the strength and courage of everyone fighting against CHD.

If you know a child battling Congenital Heart Disease, send them a Warrior friend. Click here to Buy

If you would like to donate a pacifier or lovey to your local children’s hospital, we would love to help. Click here to Donate.