The official day of love is coming up, but we’re celebrating all month long with our softest and most adorable line of Loveys! Has your little Valentine discovered our Lovey collection yet? (Pssst – All of our Lovey’s have matching pacifiers, in case you like to coordinate).

Lamb Lovey

Make playtime with your baby even sweeter with our Lamb Lovey. A familiar first friend that your baby will recognize from our WubbaNub family, Lamb is designed with an ultra-soft plush for lots of cozy time together, and a playful rattle for lots of giggles.

Monkey Lovey

Is there anything better than a fun-loving companion? Your sweet little monkey will love our little guy, designed with an ultra-soft plush for the cozies and a rattle for all the giggles at playtime.

Elephant Lovey

Who could forget the mightiest Lovey in the WubbaNub Kingdom? Our new WubbaNub Elephant Lovey is the perfect companion that your baby will Wub! See what we did there?

Brown Puppy Lovey

Your baby will love to pal around with our Brown Puppy Lovey. Soft and sweet, and perfectly lightweight to be baby’s first companion!

Buttercup Giraffe Lovey

All WubbaNub Loveys, including this polka dot cutie, are the perfect size for little hands to hold. Our soothing Lovey will provide the same warmth and safety as our signature WubbaNub Pacifier version. Soft plush and satin offers tactile stimulation and security, while the rattle entertains and lulls.