Happy Birthday, Carla Schneider!

Our #GirlBoss, mompreneur and founder of WubbaNub is celebrating her special day, and we couldn’t let it go by without sending our best wishes for a fantastic year ahead. Carla is our inspiration here at WubbaNub. Her “aha” moment came when she invented what would become the WubbaNub, and we wouldn’t be here without her creative mind and business savvy.

Have a great day, Carla. You deserve it!

A few birthday messages from the WubbaNub team:

Carla is as smart, innovative, and driven as she is generous, thoughtful and sensitive towards others. A true inspiration and a role model for those who aspire to be successful in business and in life.

-Lana, Creative Director

Carla is truly inspirational. I am grateful to work alongside a fiercely talented, creative go-getter inventor every day! Having a #GirlBoss rocks and is incredibly motivating!

-Suzy, Marketing

Carla is the definition of a #GirlBoss because she took an idea and turned it into a hugely successful brand to be proud of. In turn she makes her employees proud to be part of the company and to help keep it growing into something truly amazing. Her passion and vision is catchy!

-Shannon, Boutique Sales Coordinator

Carla is a kind, thoughtful person and leader. Working with her and her team has been a collaborative and engaging experience and that always starts at the top. Happy Birthday, Carla!

– Katy, Blogger

Compassionate to all, focused on Success!

-Lisa B, Partnership Manager (Sales)

Although I’ve only known Carla a short time, I’ve quickly come to admire her. She creates a positive work environment, where you feel free to be creative and think outside the box while knowing you are supported. It is inspirational to watch how her mind works, always thinking of new, unique ideas. She has an amazing  ability to network and foster great relationships with so many different people.  She is the absolute definition of a #GirlBoss and truly am grateful to get to be a part of the company she has built over the last 20 years. 

-Gabrielle, Marketing

A woman of passion and dedication.

-Kenisha, Accounting

Love working for a woman that took a tough mommy moment and turned it into an innovative growing business.

-Lisa P, Account Coordinator (Inventory/Logistics)

Dreamed it and did it!

-Nadira, Customer Service

Carla stays true to her values through and through!  Her passion for WubbaNub fuels her drive that is apparent in everything she does.  She genuinely cares about her team. Carla fosters collaboration and highlights her team’s strengths.  I am fortunate to be part of the WubbaNub family.  

-Sandy, General Manager