We’re sharing such inspiring and adorable content on Instagram, we wanted to make sure you can see it on our blog, too! As February is American Heart Month, we’ll first be sharing some special stories and event news that remind us why we do what we do. Each photo will warm your heart, we guarantee it.

Instagram photo credit: @aghughes1

Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) Awareness Week is recognized from February 7 – 14, as part of American Heart Month. Congenital Heart Defect, known as CHD, is a heart abnormality that occurs as the baby’s heart is developing during pregnancy, altering the baby’s heart structure and functions. CHD affects nearly 40,000 births per year in the United States, currently, the cause is unknown. During CHD Awareness Week, we want the opportunity to raise awareness of CHD and show support to those affected.

Photo credit: WubbaNub

WubbaNub’s Founder and CEO Carla had the opportunity to spend time with some of the tiniest of heart warriors during the Hockey Has Heart Mixer Event at Nashville’s Predators Hockey game. WubbaNub is proud to have partnered with Nashville Predators Foundation with help from The Bright Heart Foundation to create a special Nashville Predators WubbaNub, designed to soothe the littlest of patients enduring treatment.

Instagram photo credit: @wild__.and__.free⁠ ⁠

“Titan was born with a rare congenital heart defect called ‘tetralogy of fallot’. He has been through more in his little life than most adults will ever go through. We are so thankful he gets a second chance at life. Surgery is only a band-aid, and he will need lifelong cardiac care, but we are hopeful and expectant for what God is going to do for his future. We hope that his photo helps bring awareness to CHD and that others know they aren’t fighting this alone!”

Instagram photo credit: @schneiderheartfam

“His broken heart made mine whole. I look at him now and sometimes for a minute I can almost forget how I felt looking at my sweet and very sick boy this time last year. Every day we have had with him since his transplant in August is a gift. Whatever the future holds for him, I can say with certainty that I am so proud of all he’s accomplished in 18 months. I’m so proud to be his mom.”

Instagram photo credit: @prayersforfinn⁠

“Finn, age 5, was born with heart disease including multiple heart defects (CHD). 16 procedures, including 2 open heart surgeries and a recent stroke, his WubbaNubs have always been there for him. From day 1 they’ve brought him through his toughest days but have also been there to celebrate his triumphs. We were so happy to see the CHD bear WubbaNub to add to his collection of ‘friends’ but over the moon to see the CHD bear lovey! Now, Finn will have a WubbaNub friend to carry on well into any challenge that comes his way in the future! We love that WubbaNubs can grow with our kids!’

Instagram photo credit: @all.things.leia

A little warrior with a big heart and a warm smile! 

Photo credit: Facebook/EvalynnsJourney⁠

“When Evalynn was just 2 days old, her pediatrician had heard a loud heart murmur. At just 6 days old she was diagnosed with a large ASD, medium to small VSD, PDA and PPS. She is now 11 months old and now a patched heart warrior.” ⁠

Photo credit: WubbaNub

Carla celebrating with a Heart Warrior at the Hockey Has Heart Mixer Event at Nashville’s Predators Hockey game.