Sue- Sweet CupcasionsOur first contender for the “Wubbabration” Cake Bake is Sue Schowerer, owner of Sweet Cupcasions in Milford, Connecticut. Sweet Cupcasions is the home of the quintessential gourmet cupcake and winners of Cupcake Wars! In 2013 they gained nationwide notoriety when Sweet Cupcasions won Food Network’s Cupcake Wars! 

We sat down and did a Q&A with Sue, here is what she had to say! 


  • What was your inspiration for the “Wubbabration” Cake Bake?

So I looked around your website to familiarize myself with all the amazing products WubbaNub offers and immediately fell in love with the Pink Owl (which we have named Olivia!). I immediately knew that she was going to be the star of our cake and that she needed to sit atop an enchanted forest! 

  • What excited you about this task? 

SO SO SO excited to create this cake and be a part of WubbaNub’s 20th Birthday Celebration! I love to be able to spread my creative wings and design a cake with no boundaries or restrictions! Being able to bring the vision in my head to life was so fulfilling! WubbaNub just gave me the warm fuzzies! I only wish these were around when MY kids were babies BUT, now having 10 grandchildren, I’m able to spoil them with a WubbaNub or two!

  • How long did this creation take?

This cake took approximately 15 hours from start to finish to complete!

  • What were the biggest challenges in creating your cake?

I’d have to say the biggest challenge was hoping to create a cake that truly represented WubbaNub. 

  • What flavor cake did you choose for your creation?

Three tiers mean, 3 different flavors! All our cakes are 3 layers of cake with 2 layers of filling, Tier 1 is Chocolate Cake filled with ganache and frosted with Vanilla Bean Buttercream under the fondant. Tier 2 is Almond cake filled with Cannoli Cream and whipped vanilla bean buttercream under the fondant, and Tier 3 is Banana Cake filled with Peanut Butter Mousse and frosted with Chocolate Mascarpone under the fondant!

  • How do you design your cakes?

All of our cakes are custom designs specific to our clients’ event. We ask the client to give us their theme, color scheme and any other important info (ie age is it’s a birthday, name of the honoree, favorite flowers, hobby, favorite colors, etc) and then we do a little brainstorming and create something unique and specific to their requests – Sweet Cupcasions Style!

  • What made you want to open a bakery?

My Nan taught me how to bake and made me realize how much I loved it!! I wanted to open my own place to be able to bring my unique flavor combinations to life! I loved the idea of being my own boss, knowing that my success or failure would be solely because of my efforts and decisions! Thankfully after 7 years of being in business, we’re still going strong!!


Note from Sue: 

Sue- Sweet Cupcasions


“My husband, Jeff, and I wanted Sweet Cupcasions to be a really fun, whimsical place to come and get some really unique and yummy cupcakes, cakes and other treats! When you walk in our door you see “Mr. Cupcake” on our Cupcake Truck, we want you to immediately smile! We pride ourselves on superior customer service and we strive to create cakes that are not only delicious but tell a story and make you “feel” something fun when you look at it! We love what we do and truly have the most amazing clients in the world!! We love participating in special events and are so honored to have been included in the WubbaNub 20th Birthday Celebration! Happy Birthday WubbaNub!!” – Sue Schowerer


We cannot wait for you to see Sue’s work! Remember all the cakes will be unveiled on Friday, and we promise you will not want to miss it!