Listen, we get it. Clean up time isn’t really fun for anyone, least of all small children. But setting a good example early will work in your favor in the years to come, and finding ways to make it fun will help pass the time and possibly make the clean up process go a little faster? Here’s hoping anyway. We turned to our friends at She Knows for help on how to make clean up time not such a chore for kids. Love these ideas (and the clean room as a result)!

Beat the Clock:

Make it a game by setting a timer and challenging your kids to finish a task before the buzzer rings. Can they do it?! We’ll see! The more specific the task, the better.

Encourage friendly competition between siblings:

It’s true, you may be asking for it here if a fight breaks out, but there’s nothing like a little friendly competition to get the ball rolling (and the clothes picked up faster).

Set up a cleaning relay:

Who doesn’t love a relay game? Again, make it a game and kids will be so much more interested in the otherwise drudgery that is cleaning your room.

Figure out which jobs they like:

You know your children. Is one more prone to organizing? Likes to fold blankets? Set up the doll house? Give your child tasks according to their interests and they will take more pride in their work.

Put on music:

This absolutely works for my kids. While their preference is Katy Perry or Taylor Swift, it really doesn’t matter. All you need is a good beat to get those feet and hands moving a little bit faster!

Set clear rewards:

If you’re giving out treats or TV time after your children have helped clean up, make sure you keep things concise when sharing what the reward is for their hard work.

Good luck!