BuddyCarla’s very own fur-baby, Buddy – affectionately known as “Budster” is special to everyone in her family as he brings a little sparkle to each of their lives for different reasons.

On a fall day in 2019, Carla’s husband joined her at the WubbaNub Office for lunch. Knowing how much joy Buddy brings to not only Carla but to the WubbaNub team, he brought him along. While Buddy was sitting on Carla’s lap for his daily cuddles, she felt a lump in his neck. Carla grew concerned and immediately made a vet appointment.

Buddy went to the vet and had his blood taken, the blood work confirmed that Buddy had Stage 3 Lymphoma, leaving Carla and her family devastated, thinking “How could this be? He seemed to be acting fine. We would not have known if we did not feel the lump.”

Today, Lymphoma is not curable, but sometimes with chemo treatments, it can prolong the quality of life for 12-18 months.

After receiving this heartbreaking news, Carla and her family resolved to help Buddy, they immediately brought him to a Pet Oncologist for a treatment plan.

In September 2019, Buddy began weekly, then bi-weekly chemo treatments. In addition to the Buddyweekly treatments, he had to take pills every day and eat a special diet. Even with a plan in place, there were still many unknowns. Carla and her family were scared, but they remained positive and determined. They knew Buddy would need support and extra love during the difficult days ahead, so with the guidance of his oncology team, they supported him through it. Buddy had good days and bad days, and many days he just slept. It was devastating for Carla and her family to see their playful fur friend in this state, but they continued to push forward.

Buddy received 12 treatments over the course of 6 months, and we are elated to report that so far, Buddy has responded very well to the chemo treatment, and his last chemo treatment was on March 4th, 2020. He will continue to see the Vet Oncologist, who is his hero, once a month for a check-up. Buddy now has his spunk back and is back to being the playful fur friend we know him to be.



In honor of Carla’s fur-baby and our beloved WubbaMascot, we would like to introduce Budster! Budster joins our Wubba Family as our Newest Limited Edition Wub.