Recommended age of use: 0-6 months and/or babies without teeth

about WubbaNub Testimonials

We are proud and thankful owners of your pacifiers. My son just spent over a month at the University of North Carolina’s Children’s Hospital following heart surgery…He is only 2.5 months old.All of the nurses commented on how helpful the pacifiers would be for them, due to the fact that most parents do not stay with their children while there and how nice it would be to stop the pacifier from falling out.

David Helvey


WubbaNubs are simply adorable and this puppy dog goes wherever we go! Our little man loves it, from day 1 in the hospital, and the puppy part makes it easier to keep track of. :) Great gift idea for expectant moms!

Shelby M.

Online Shopper

From the surgeons that operate on these precious-heart babies who benefit from these Wubbanub pacifiers, to the nurses (like our own Amy Decker, who passed away suddenly, but she loved the Wubs and the babies…. she would buy them or ask for Wubs for her birthday to give to the babies), to the families of the babies that are in the ICU, to little old me, a volunteer at the hospital with Amazing Little Hearts support group….. we thank Wubbanubs for your continued support and generosity!

Loan McDuffie

NICU hospital volunteer