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Heart Warrior Stories Ali B.

Our sweet little girl Parker was born at 33 weeks at 2.5 lbs. We have been in the hospital at med city Dallas since she was born. We knew that Parker’s heart would require surgery after our 20-week sono. The doctor told us something just wasn’t quite right and that we needed to see a specialist immediately. We rushed to see a specialist the same day. This was during the height of Covid so I went in alone.

This was our first baby, so of course I never saw ourselves in this situation of ever hearing or trying to process something that might be wrong. The specialist did a sono, dad was on speakerphone. She began to explain that Parker was behind on the growth chart and her heart had some issues that would require a cardiologist to perform an echocardiogram. She tried to tell us that our sweet girl had no chance and that we should terminate. I walked out of the office defeated, mad, and terrified. How could our baby have something wrong?

We were referred to an amazing team here at Medical City in Dallas who did sonos and tests. Told us they were here to help us give Parker the best fighting chance we could. So we did. We have been fighting for her daily. She had open-heart surgery in October when she was big enough for the surgery. She has been fighting since the very beginning.

Our little 8lb baby now just had her trach placed about a month ago. We are trying to start the process for the road to home now. Our Parker is a true testament of big things come in small packages and that God always has a plan even when you don’t see it. #prayersforparker #tinybutmighty

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