Designed for babies ages 0-6 months that are not teething

Heart Warrior Stories Alisha R.

I became pregnant with twin boys during the pandemic in 2020. Already going through the challenges of pregnancy we found out around 17-20 weeks that one of our boys (Ryder) had some type of heart defect. He was growing but he was smaller in size compared to his brother. At around 25-27 weeks we then noticed he had a defect in his stomach (duodenal atresia). We gave birth at 36 weeks in October. With a closer examination of Ryder’s heart, he had DORV (double outlet right ventricle) VSD, pulmonary atresia, and duodenal atresia.

He had his first surgery 4 days after birth to repair the blockage in his stomach. After months of healing and being on prostaglandins to keep the duct in his heart open he had his second surgery but his first open heart to repair the defects with his VSD and add a transannular patch.

After nearly 4 weeks post-op his pressure was still not improving with oxygen flow to the lungs and so we were sent to cath for another procedure; this time a stent was placed in his right pulmonary artery. After 108 days we were released to go home.

After almost two weeks of being at home and being reunited with his twin, River we took a turn for the worst and yet again found ourselves at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to undergo more cath & CT scans to find out why there was a decrease in heart function. We’re currently still at CCHMC praying for the best results and answers and hoping we can go home soon to be back with brother & family.

CHD is not something to be taken lightly and we’re proving obstacles every day to find a cure and answers to why Ryder was born with these conditions. We will continue to spread awareness and show our support. Ryder’s on his way to recovery one heartbeat at a time. #RydersRecovery