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Heart Warrior Stories Amy T.

Ezekiel was diagnosed with a heart condition called Dextro-Transpositio n of the Great Arteries or d-TGA. TGA is a birth defect of the heart in which the two main arteries carrying blood out of the heart are switched in position, or “transposed.” We found out about his condition at our 20 weeks anatomy scan. What we thought would have been a normal scan turned out to be a day our life changed forever. I remember laying on the bed and the ultrasound tech kept going to his heart, she asked Angel to put his phone away and stop recording. Immediately I knew something wasn’t right. She stood up and said “I need to get the doctor in here to look over the ultrasound” We knew something wasn’t right. The doctor then came into the room and she also when straight to look at his heart, she stopped the ultrasound looked at us and said “I’m sorry to inform you but your son has a serious heart defect called D-TGA” not knowing what was going on I couldn’t comprehend anything that was coming out of her mouth. I seen her lips move but couldn’t hear anything. She handed us our ultrasound pictures with a sticky note attached to it with the name of his condition. She explained that all our care will immediately be transferred to Yale as that’s the only hospital in CT that can handle our situation “If you deliver at a normal hospital Zeke won’t make it, they aren’t equipped to handle the situation” I heard those words loud and clear. On our way home we didn’t speak, we didn’t play music like we normally did the car ride was completely quiet. We didn’t open up to our family until a couples of weeks later.,We took time to process everything, Do some research, and being 100% sure that this was actually true. That Monday bright and early we had our first appointment at Yale to meet with our cardiologist to get an echo ultrasound done of Zeke’s heart. I remember after the ultrasound our cardiologist pulled us into her office to explain everything. She said “in order for your son to survive he’ll be taken as soon as he’s born and be rushed into the Nicu to be put on oxygen and start IV” she then said “your son will need open heart surgery” You never in your life image something like this could happen to you.

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