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Heart Warrior Stories Glaina B.

I live in New-Brunswick, Canada, I’m 25 years old and I am the mother of a 4 months old heart warrior 💙. So here’s a quick version of our story 💙

On September 18, the most beautiful day in our lives became the scariest in a matter of minutes.
A few minutes after I gave birth, they took away our 1st born away from us, our baby was not breathing well, after multiple tests, blood work, ultrasound and x-ray, they had no idea what was going on with him. We were sent to a children’s hospital 6.5 hours away, where we know no one and no family was allowed because of covid (except for me and my husband).

After a very long drive with my husband, we get to the hospital where our son just arrived by airplane/helicopter. They were already working on him, to save his life, hooked on more machines than I can count. Later that day, a cardiologist came and talked to us, our son had a heart defect, it’s called transposition of the great arteries and ventricular septal defect (TGA and VSD) we were now a part of the CHD/HEART WARRIOR family 💙 it was a shock for us as we had no idea before. He had to be intubated at 2 days old cause he stopped breathing on his own because of a thermal shock. He was intubated for 2 days. He then had his repair at 6 days old 💙 after 2 weeks at the hospital we were able to go back home because he was doing good. We are now 4 months in and our man is stronger than ever, 💙

So grateful for the team at IWK, Halifax, for the nurses, surgeons, and doctors that helped us in our really hard moments.

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