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Heart Warrior Stories Hudson C.

Heart throb Hudson is the sweetest little guy ever! He will steal your heart, His smiles are so infectious they light up the room!

Hudson was diagnosed with an ASD after birth and then later shortly after he turned 2 months old we were rushed to Children’s Mercy Hospital in KC, MO where he was also diagnosed with Shone’s Complex several left-sided heart defects including a COARC, MVS, BAV, and other areas of proximal aortic narrowing.

Hudson had his Thoracotomy surgery on December 9th. The surgery went great with no complications until it came time to extubate on December 10th. Hudson did not do very well he was put on the nose cannula, then to CPAP until his little body could no longer fight to breathe anymore. They rushed to take x rays and echos to figure out what was going on and they could not figure out why he was not breathing on his own. He had a partial lung collapse on the left side.

By the 11th Hudson was back on the ventilator. After what felt like the longest 4 days of our lives Hudson finally got strong enough to start trying to breathe on his own again and they started to extubate again. At first, things weren’t going too well then Hudson showed us how strong he was and fought through it! He was finally 100% breathing on his own on December 17th! 🙏🏼

He still had an awful cough and strider so we then got worried about infection or illness. All the tests came back negative or normal. The frustration started again: why did he have these issues and why was he having breathing problems again, even though his lungs were better and all tests were negative—we didn’t understand! They still decided to graduate him from the PICU on the 20th! Then They decided to do a bronchoscopy where they then figured out Hudson had damage to his airway due to a rare condition called prolonged laryngospasms he also had vocal cord granuloma, and mild subglottic stenosis he then had to have an airway balloon procedure, and then we were released and sent on our way home on the 23rd just in time to spend Christmas with our family!

Hudson had to go back for a follow-up bronchoscopy and everything looked great! Our new goal is now to hope that Hudson can grow and gain some weight before we have to go in and perform his open-heart surgery. Hudson has a long journey ahead of him and he has so much fight in him!

#HudsonStrong #CHDAwareness

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