Designed for babies ages 0-6 months that are not teething

Heart Warrior Stories Judi C.

Our son was born at 36 weeks, seemingly healthy! He was discharged home with me on day 3. At his first appointment on day 4, they heard a murmur, which led to an appointment with cardiology. On day 5, we visited cardiology and found out our son had VSD, PFO, PDA and TR. We were admitted that day to figure out his feeds and meds and discharged a week later with an NG tube. The team decided that 4-6 months was too long to wait. Our son had repair surgery at 6 weeks old, just 8lbs. He had some post-op complications, but came out stronger! He currently has TR that was improving but is not regressing. The team is discussing his next surgery. We never pictured a second surgery. We have faith in our team, though. Our son will be 1 in January and we can’t wait to celebrate all he’s overcome in his first year!

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