Designed for babies ages 0-6 months that are not teething

Heart Warrior Stories Morgan B.

At our 20-week anatomy scan, we could tell something was t right. The tech kept scanning over his heart. We were then referred to a specialist and then to Children’s Mercy Hospital. We learned there that our baby was 1 in 100. He had Tetrology of Fallot. We were given some options, but knew we were going to have our baby and love him so much! He was born in April of 2020 and exceeded expectations. Four months later he had his open-heart surgery. The surgery went very well, but recovery was rough for our little guy. He had the worst case of JET out the surgeon had ever seen and ended up on ECMO for 3 days. After a few weeks in the hospital, we were released to one home! Jaxon is the happiest little guy and loves life!

Baby Jackson