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Heart Warrior Stories Sabrina L.

Congenital Heart Disease can be isolating, scary, and anxiety-inducing. It can also be a connecting and beautiful cause for celebration. Our son, Charlie, was born with a rare and severe heart defect almost six years ago. He’s endured three heart surgeries, two heart catheterizations, and countless appointments. However, these numbers do not do justice to his resilience and energy. Charlie is hours of playing Legos and no less than two cuddles a day. He’s two bright blue eyes and a heart of gold. He loves dancing and celebrating life.

He’s also a big brother to Teddy, the newest addition to the CHD community. Though Teddy does not have a CHD, his big brother inspires a lifetime of providing support, creating awareness, and celebrating all the things – big and small- that challenge us and unite us.

For Charlie’s heart surgery anniversaries, or “heartiversaries”, we celebrate with sweet treats, support to CHD causes, and sometimes, presents. Though the heart warrior Wubbanub was not available when Charlie was born, we are happy to gift one to Teddy, the newest member of the CHD community.

We hope by including even the tiniest member of our family, the world is one step closer to embracing and supporting a cause so near and dear to us.

Our boys may not have the same anatomy, but we believe they’ll have the same brave hearts that only adolescent childhood illnesses can create.

Charlie’s heart is our foundation for fortitude and a reason to celebrate and educate. We appreciate each opportunity that allows us to embrace his condition, and we are especially grateful for the people and products that make it a joyful journey.

*photos by Kimberly Burleson Photography,

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