Designed for babies ages 0-6 months that are not teething

Heart Warrior Stories Shannon K.

I found out at 27 weeks pregnant that my baby had a severe heart defect. Went through all the testings and echos to find out what kind, and how we can treat him once he was born. Found out he had Tetralogy of Fallot. We were told that the hospital we were at was going to contact a surgeon out of state to review our son’s case. Once he was born, we would have a better idea if he needed it right away or later on.

He was born a month early and was in NICU for 89 days. Came home with. G tube to get him bigger for surgery. We had plans to have the surgery done in March/April 2020. But covid hit.

Fast forward: My son has his surgery on 1/6/2021. And he 17 days into his post-op. Just had his follow-up, and it went amazing. We still have to watch the fluid around his heart and in his lungs. But overall everyone is beyond amazed at how strong he is being 17 days post-op.

As a new mom, from the first moment to the day of his surgery was the longest year 1/2 plus days in my life. We want nothing else but for our babies to be healthy and safe. I am so proud of my little heart warrior! ❤️ He is the strongest person on this planet.

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