Designed for babies ages 0-6 months that are not teething

Heart Warrior Stories Stacey S.

At my 13 week ultrasound was when we found out our daughter, Genevieve, had a potential for a heart defect. My high-risk ob mentioned at the time that he suspected this due to increased thickness of the neck. Four weeks later, at the next ultrasound, we could see the hole in the heart without him zooming in on it. Our first fetal echo was when we found out how severe it was. She had two holes, a small VSD and a large hole in the aortic arch. She was born at 38 weeks and we got to hold her for less than a minute before the staff started the prostaglandin. She had the Norwood procedure with Sano Modification at 13 days old. There were complications during the surgery due to friable tissue caused by being on the prostaglandin too long. She’s now 5 months old, has developmental delays, and still has a tube. We are currently awaiting her second surgery, the Yasui.

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