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Heart Warrior Stories Tenlee Grey A.

Happy heart month! My daughter was born on February 28,2019 at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Tenlee Grey Alberalla was born with CHD, a congenital heart defect. We found out about her Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome diagnosis at my 20-week fetal anatomy scan. Even though we had 18 weeks to process this news, nothing prepares you. We anticipated about 3-4 weeks in the hospital after she was born, but once she was born everything changed. Our sweet girl went into heart failure. She was then placed on the organ donation waiting list, where she waited 5 months for her new heart at CHOP. At 6 months old, we were able to bring Tenlee home for the very first time. As one can imagine, being in the hospital for so long, Tenlee endured oh so much. Unfortunately not much soothed her other than her mommy or her “wubby.” Her wubby didn’t leave her side for her first year of life. Tenlee is about to turn 2 years old this month, and we are so grateful.

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Tenlee Grey